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Welcome to ZHURISOFT.

We are a company established in Uganda with an ICT backbone and rooted on a foundation of experienced Technical Experts. We put our expertise to the best in order for you to realize full potential of what you can benefit out of what you have. It is time your computer becomes more than a computer and your phone exceeds being a mere phone to you. You do not need too much to elevate your standard in technology. Start your dream with us.

Our mission

To unlock all beneficial potential entailed in even the simplest elements of technology in our world.

Our vision

To realize an environment sustained by affordable and healthy technology.

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We create your own project vision

You contact us regarding a project you would like to create, then we offer a one-on-one talk after which we draw a concept outline that defines your dream based on technical knowledge and understanding. This concept is a free offer therefore you can take it to your personal engineer to build the system designs out of it and further develop it out for you. If you commit it to us you will only be required of the pre-set refundable commitment fee and be served with an activity work-plan against time.

At ZHURIS we keep you concept documents confidential and we ethically handle any forms of conflicts that may arise regarding your project venture.

We build Customized Information Systems

This often applies to companies/organizations that need custom built software to run and manage their activities. Such systems are hardly re-usable anywhere else. A ZHURIS staff will schedule for you an appointment from which preliminary outcome will be recorded into your file. These include requirements of your desired system.

We Teach you

Are you this one person who wants to have a one-on-one private tutoring sessions of computer literacy ? We have skilled personnel who will come to the convenience of your place, and teach you syllabus modules of your interest. This is private tutorship and that is why there is no certificate offered.

Our fees are very affordable and are rated per hour. You choose when to study and we schedule your lessons.

Laptop Hire Services

If you are an organization/company arranging sessions like conferences, seminars, workshops etc where you need to make use of laptops only for the session, then your worries end here. You are only required to make a booking and our staff avails the machines to your venue in time, power them up and collect them after the session is complete.

Website design

We design websites and advise what best suits your needs. Try us today.

Unique Products

We outsource and also create hardware solutions that reliably solve commonly assumed to be big challenges whose solutions are also known to be costly. These are mainly in the field of security and domestic appliances. We also help you benefit more from your own equipment.

Core Values:

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Truth

These have enabled us meet the achievements in our records. Start Your journey with us today.


Our Portfolio:

  1. ERCS IMS: An information management system custom-built to serve Labor Externalization Companies. The software runs on a network and has an aiding android App that serves along side it to smoothen operations of the company. With it, records are kept clean with simplified backup-management and offers quick analytical references both for strategic planning and daily operation. Download more here.


    This is an android app that contains all Luganda hymns for Church of Uganda. It is absolutely voluntary. It is free for download on PLAYSTORE.

  3. Loan Management System

    ZHURIS LOAN Assistant is a software that monitors and tracks each loan through all stages of processing together with collateral and acrewed penalty and other pre-set charges. This is not to leave out the ease with which it enables you to manage and account for the investors returns as well as other business activities.


    Herein are those custom made software systems both built for individual clients as well as out-of-partnerships under pre-set procedure. In honor of ethical conduct, these cannot be listed here.

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Tel: +256200956900 / +256701620575

Email:  info@zhuris.com / consult.zhuris@gmail.com

P.O.BOX :  e1399-GPO

Address: Gayaza

You can reach us through telephone, email, or better still use our live chat at the bottom right of this page. Our staff will be ready to hear from you and get back to you.

With integrity, We give you sound solutions for all your IT needs. Come and let us point you to the right direction.

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  • If you can teach computer applications and general computer literacy, you can work with us.
  • If you have no personal IT consultant, we can assign to you one for free but with terms to abide by.


  • For events like conferences, we offer you discounts on services in our promo-list assorted for our clients. We believe in your success. These include but not limited to laptop hiring, group computer training and other consultancy activities.


If you are interested adding to your skill-set with what we have, we have openings that are regularly communicated to applicants who have the pre-set requirements.